novembre 2008 (3)

jeudi, novembre 27 2008

It happens more often that you may think...

No Conflict

As I arrived at school this morning, I synced my computer with Perforce. I know there would be conflicts, but in like 3 or 4 files. It appeared that a dozen files had conflicts. There were files I didn't even touch, so it was easy to 'revert' my 'non-modifications' so Perforce feels ok, or to tell  […]

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mercredi, novembre 19 2008

Buy Left 4 Dead for 37.5$


Left 4 Dead came out yesterday. And it's a great game! How could it fail? It has zombies (and not the kind of zombies you find in Resident Evil, no. More like those in 28 days later), great coop gameplay (we waited that for years!) , lightning fast engine, incredible animations, etc. I love it.  […]

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dimanche, novembre 2 2008

How would you rate a game?

We had that discussion during english class: how can you tell if a video game is good or not? Anyone would agree that a good game is a game people like, but it's actually quite difficult to find an objective way to evaluate a game. Some people have answers about that (see the "Crate Review System") but generally, it's about one's experience with the game. So we gathered some ideas about how we would review a game and decide whether the game is at least not a bad game.

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