décembre 2008 (13)

mercredi, décembre 31 2008

Ubiquity: makeSearchCommand template

This is just a reminder of the search command template. It allows you to create in no time what must be the most used feature of Ubiquity at the moment. Use the command-editor command, and type the following code in the editor: CmdUtils.makeSearchCommand({ name: "your-function-name", url:  […]

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Ubiquity for Firefox

Ubiquity offers a preview of the results

Ubiquity is a prototype extension for Firefox developed by guys of the Mozilla labs. It proposes to use a command line using human language in Firefox to create mashups, uses web services, do searchs, etc. But if you don't know that awesome extension yet, the following video will explain everything:

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mardi, décembre 30 2008

Breaking news: Huge sales at STEAM

Don't miss it (ends january 2nd): Portal at 4€ (ish) (if you get only one, get this one) Bioshock at 5€ Opposing Force and Blue Shift at 0.99€ each and many other big discounts  […]

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dimanche, décembre 28 2008

Handling 'mailto' urls and attachments with Gmail from the desktop

Just so you know: you cannot make Gmail handle your attachments from the desktop. That's not possible. Why am I writing about this? Because I spent quite some time looking for an answer about this problem, and people in the forums weren't sure if it was even possible or not. Finally, in a Google  […]

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jeudi, décembre 25 2008

Happy Holidays

While it's still the 25th, I wish you Happy Holidays! (cause not everybody is a christian). Enjoy the food, enjoy the family reunion, and see you soon :)  […]

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lundi, décembre 22 2008

The Loser-Team Syndrome

I played some Team Fortress 2 tonight. I'm not an excellent player, but I'm really not a bad one. And I kept losing tonight. It's so frustrating! I got the loser-team syndrome. Whatever you do, you get to be in the loser-team. With the kind of people that don't stick together. That pick any class  […]

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dimanche, décembre 21 2008

Even Bill Gates finds Windows annoying

I discovered this article when I was blog surfing: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant. You can read a email Bill Gates wrote to his employees to complain about usability issues. The email is pretty old now (in computer time), but I'm not sure things improved that much since then... Best bits: So they  […]

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jeudi, décembre 18 2008

Steam to use local currency in Europe and UK

Steam is now pricing games in Europe and United kingdom using respectively euros and pounds. Another major change is that the VAT in now included in the price, and not hidden until you pay for your game. So I went on the Steam Store to check the new prices by myself. At first I was pretty mad to  […]

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mardi, décembre 16 2008

Second year project, first major milestone

At Enjmin, the second year is all about the project: we gather in teams of nine, with at least one person of each class, 2 game designers, 2 coders, 2 visual artists, 1 sound designer, 1 usability expert, and 1 project manager. We have 5 months (from October to March) to produce a playable  […]

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samedi, décembre 13 2008

Freemand's Mind ep 6 is out

Not as funny as the previous ones. In my opinion, it just proves that it won't be possible to make the whole adventure a funny thing.  […]

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Making games casual to make them more hardcore

Just a thought like that: how much have you been playing lately? And to what type of game? I've been playing a lot of team fortress 2 this year and a bit of STALKER (Shadow of Tchernobyl). I've realized that every time I wanted to play Stalker, I wouldn't because the game is very involving. Not  […]

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dimanche, décembre 7 2008

Half Life community content

If you're a fan of the Half-Life series like me, you'll wanna read the excellent web comic Concerned by Christopher C. Livingston. It's the story of the journey of Gordon Frohman, former employee of Black Mesa and now simple citizen of City 17. This journey will lead him to the Citadel following  […]

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jeudi, décembre 4 2008

FITA 2008, 1st day

This year again, I attended the FITA 08. FITA stands for Forum International des Technologies de l'Animation, International Forum of Animation Technologies in english. It's one of the rare events of the small town of Angoulême, really. That's how they do it, nothing happens the rest of the year  […]

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