janvier 2009 (4)

jeudi, janvier 8 2009

Ubiquity command: share-on-reader and share-on-reader-secure

The share-on-reader command is the first ubiquity command I've ever coded. I made it just to try ubiquity's command editor, but I wouldn't expect people to use it. It's basically a wrapper of Google Reader's bookmarklet that allows you to select (or not) text from a web page, and share it with a  […]

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Reminder: makeBookmarkletCommand

This is just a reminder: how to make a command out of a bookmarklet. For example, a command that embed a Flickr photo (the example is taken from Aza Raskin's blog). CmdUtils.makeBookmarkletCommand({ name: "Embed Flickr Photo", url:  […]

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lundi, janvier 5 2009

Les Ateliers du Jeu Vidéo / The Video Games Workshop, day 1

Today at ENJMIN started a week of talks called les Ateliers du jeu Video, ie the Video Games Workshop. Game industry professionals come over in Angoulême, France, to talk about the game industry concerns and evolutions, and about their experience. Usually, the talk of the morning is given by a  […]

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jeudi, janvier 1 2009


And that's it! Don't take good resolutions, you'll never keep them. Enjoy the party. WHOOOOOO! :D  […]

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