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mardi, juin 30 2009

A minute for Music

I discovered this guy called Jack Conte a while back by following a link to a his Chopin / RadioHead mashup. I really liked it and began to watch his other video songs. This guy is really talented! He plays some kind of indie rock, composes his songs, and record everything and edit the video  […]

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lundi, juin 29 2009

Google surfs on the Wave

Checkout the incredible Google Wave project. This is gonna change everything. If you don't wanna go through the whole video, go visit the Google Wave Preview Page. I'm really putting a lot of hopes in this, since I think Wave is a solution to so many issues with today's communication tools. You  […]

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vendredi, juin 26 2009

Breaking News

Today, for the first time, I HAD to reboot my computer just a few minutes after I switched it on, because I couldn't Copy/Paste anymore! The police says they have no clue about why this happened. Case closed. Edit: it seems that the problem could come Taekwindow which is a bit buggy. Feww. I was  […]

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lundi, juin 22 2009

Bash Optimisation

Lately at work, I've been working on optimizing a bash script that was used to build the data of a game. Its role is to parse the game directory and for each file, match it with a building rule. If there's no rule for a file, well, then nothing happens. If there's a rule, then dates of the source  […]

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vendredi, juin 12 2009

NTFS directory junctions

Funny stuff, we had this problem at work: The publisher needed to have the game tested, but for pratical reasons, they needed to be able to rebuild the game at any time. Fine. We send them our builder and the data. Unfortunately, we were working in a W: drive that they were already using for  […]

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