août 2009 (4)

lundi, août 24 2009

Bug Tracking and screenshots

I couldn't resist but to share this hilarious moment with you. At work, I've been assigned a bug. There's a screenshot joined with the description which is as follows: In chapter 2, after the first mini-game, the screen became all black. See screenshot. And follows a picture of a window filled with  […]

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mardi, août 18 2009

The Quest for the Holy Tools

I like tools. I think it's what I want my job to be about: making better tools. Tools are what stands in between of people and their work, and the better the tools are, the better the work can be. Good tools make your life easier, thus making you happier, thus making you more efficient. So it's good to invest in tools: everybody needs them, they always need to be improved, and people are grateful to you for making them.

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lundi, août 10 2009

And Perforce failed me yet again...

I guess that software can smell when you're afraid of them. So they get nervous and do nasty stuff to you. I don't see any other explanation! I'm not in good terms with Perforce, and it knows it... At work we had a bug, a big crash, and there was no way to find out what was wrong. It wasn't a  […]

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mercredi, août 5 2009

Braid's creator Jonathan Blow to announce his next game

Jonathan Blow revealed a bit more about his next game. And when I say a bit, it's a really little bit. Check-it out (you need only 12 seconds): The Witness Pretty cool huh? Well that's really not much, but if this is as great as braid was, well, this is gonna be a master piece (don't be fooled by  […]

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