septembre 2009 (5)

samedi, septembre 26 2009

No Sound in Jaunty (Ubuntu 9.04) with nForce 2


I had some problems with the sound after installing Jaunty on my old computer. I followed a lot of instructions from bugs reports, from forums, and nothing worked. I could have sound in Totem with the OSS mixer, but not Alsa. The rest was not working: Firefox, Flash, VLC, none of them deliverd any  […]

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Booting my old computer (Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD, I love you!)


I'm stuck at my parents with the flu right now. So I don't have nothing to do all day but to repair my old computer here. When I moved to Paris I took everything with me: cables, peripherals, CDs, speakers, everything. So there's not much here. Yet I HAVE to make that computer work because I still  […]

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vendredi, septembre 25 2009

Incoming! New TF2 update!

The TF2 team at Valve posted a curious message on their blog today. I think they are teasing us in the funniest way about the next update, which could more than probably be the engineer's: a Cannon-appended canine unit? Wait Wait Wait... So there will be "pets" in TF2?? EDIT: In fact I've  […]

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jeudi, septembre 3 2009

Update of the 'Share on reader' command for Ubiquity

I've finally updated that command that allows to share content on your Google Reader Shared Items page (providing you've got one!). The new version allows you to type the name without the hyphens (no more share-on-reader), you can also type share using reader, or note using reader, or note with  […]

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mercredi, septembre 2 2009

Working on Gray Matter

A while back I said that I'd talk about what I do during my internship at Wizarbox. It was in April, so it's been 5 months. Ok ok, I'm late, but when I post, I like to be REALLY sure! Seriously, if I haven't talked much about it, it's simply because there's not much I'm allowed to say. Game  […]

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