novembre 2009 (9)

lundi, novembre 30 2009

Still very good sales on Steam

Yep, still good sales there. Mirror's Edge at 3.74€ Monkey Island Special Edition at 2.24€ The Chronicles of Riddick, Assault on Dark Arena at 9.99€ I recommend Mirror's Edge if you've never played it.  […]

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jeudi, novembre 26 2009

Steam Season Sales

The season sales started on Steam. It the right occasion to get some good games at a cheap price for example, today, Grid is at 5€. The offers change every day, so check it regularily. Steam Early Sales Page.  […]

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mercredi, novembre 25 2009


2D Meta Balls

Don't confuse this with meat balls, this has absolutely nothing to do with it! My friend Garry Williams posted this video on Youtube. These are meta-balls he computed in real time: Meta balls in 2D are quite simple. Take an image. Each of you meta balls emit a field, the closer you are from the  […]

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mardi, novembre 24 2009

Unreal Development Kit

Epic released what they call the UDK. It's basically the Unreal Engine 3, for free! Here are the best news: You can create standalone applications with UDK. This means that users will be able to install and run your game without owning a copy of Unreal Tournament 3. Now go get it and make some  […]

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vendredi, novembre 20 2009

Concours d'entrée de l'ENJMIN

Il est fréquent que les gens qui ont pu rentrer à l'ENJMIN se voient demander de mettre à disposition le dossier qui leur a permis de passer la première des trois étapes du concours d'entrée. Voici le mien: Travels in scriptoria et son extension technique: Architecture. Quelques précisions: ce  […]

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Google releases the Chromium OS open source project

This had to happen, Google has entered the OS business. Well, they're not in the Desktop OS business, their strategy is to win the market of the eBooks, those really small and cheap computers aiming at connectivity. The main idea behind this product (Chrome OS) is that people are 90% of their time  […]

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lundi, novembre 16 2009

GMod Contest

Garry Newman, father of Garrysmod, started a gamemode contest. The idea is that he wants to introduce Fretta (see "What is Fretta?" in my link above) with a few good gamemodes in the bundle. So the gamemode can be anything and the 5 best gamemodes get 1000$, they get to be shipped with  […]

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mercredi, novembre 4 2009

World of Goo and myths about games on Linux

World Of Goo Sales - Market Shares per OS

I'd like to share with you some stats that 2D Boy published after the big sales they had for the 1 year birthday of World Of Goo (WoG for short). The point was that you had the choice in the price of the game, from 0.01$ to whatever you want. 2DBoy released the results of the first week of that  […]

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dimanche, novembre 1 2009

Little Survey

Hello dear reader, I know, I haven't been writing a lot lately, but I'm starting to wonder: "what's the point?". I'm not even sure I'm being read. So, here are a few questions that I'd very much like you to answer in the comments: How did you discover this blog? (web search, I told you,  […]

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