décembre 2009 (3)

jeudi, décembre 17 2009

ModDB introduces Desura


This is big news: ModDB is launching a new service called Desura. Think distribution service (like Steam), except that it will also support mods and custom content and that it will be all community oriented. By community oriented, I mean that for each game / mod, community members can add their  […]

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War has been declared! (in TF2)

TF2 Soldier Vs Demoman War

War is raging there. And also, TF2 will be available for free the time of a weekend this very weekend, just as the soldier vs demo update is released. I highly recommend that you try it (you can preload the game there).  […]

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jeudi, décembre 3 2009

Unit tests with Boost.Test

I've just started using Boost.Test to get to know unit testing a bit better. I use it to try a Fixed Point number class that I made. For those who wonder what a fixed point number is, in short, it's a float in an integer. This is useful when your hardware doesn't have a FPU, like the Nintendo DS.  […]

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