vendredi, novembre 20 2009

Concours d'entrée de l'ENJMIN

Il est fréquent que les gens qui ont pu rentrer à l'ENJMIN se voient demander de mettre à disposition le dossier qui leur a permis de passer la première des trois étapes du concours d'entrée. Voici le mien: Travels in scriptoria et son extension technique: Architecture. Quelques précisions: ce  […]

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vendredi, février 20 2009

Les Ateliers du Jeu Vidéo / The Video Games Workshop, The end

Hi there, it's been a while. I got many things cooking lately and it made me procastinate a lot writing on that blog. I had started a series of articles about the video games workshop happening here at Enjmin, Angoulême, and I have a few notes about it, but I'm gonna sum it up. Casual gaming was  […]

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lundi, janvier 5 2009

Les Ateliers du Jeu Vidéo / The Video Games Workshop, day 1

Today at ENJMIN started a week of talks called les Ateliers du jeu Video, ie the Video Games Workshop. Game industry professionals come over in Angoulême, France, to talk about the game industry concerns and evolutions, and about their experience. Usually, the talk of the morning is given by a  […]

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mardi, décembre 16 2008

Second year project, first major milestone

At Enjmin, the second year is all about the project: we gather in teams of nine, with at least one person of each class, 2 game designers, 2 coders, 2 visual artists, 1 sound designer, 1 usability expert, and 1 project manager. We have 5 months (from October to March) to produce a playable  […]

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jeudi, décembre 4 2008

FITA 2008, 1st day

This year again, I attended the FITA 08. FITA stands for Forum International des Technologies de l'Animation, International Forum of Animation Technologies in english. It's one of the rare events of the small town of Angoulême, really. That's how they do it, nothing happens the rest of the year  […]

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