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vendredi, novembre 20 2009

Google releases the Chromium OS open source project

This had to happen, Google has entered the OS business. Well, they're not in the Desktop OS business, their strategy is to win the market of the eBooks, those really small and cheap computers aiming at connectivity. The main idea behind this product (Chrome OS) is that people are 90% of their time  […]

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samedi, septembre 26 2009

No Sound in Jaunty (Ubuntu 9.04) with nForce 2


I had some problems with the sound after installing Jaunty on my old computer. I followed a lot of instructions from bugs reports, from forums, and nothing worked. I could have sound in Totem with the OSS mixer, but not Alsa. The rest was not working: Firefox, Flash, VLC, none of them deliverd any  […]

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Booting my old computer (Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD, I love you!)


I'm stuck at my parents with the flu right now. So I don't have nothing to do all day but to repair my old computer here. When I moved to Paris I took everything with me: cables, peripherals, CDs, speakers, everything. So there's not much here. Yet I HAVE to make that computer work because I still  […]

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mercredi, décembre 31 2008

Ubiquity for Firefox

Ubiquity offers a preview of the results

Ubiquity is a prototype extension for Firefox developed by guys of the Mozilla labs. It proposes to use a command line using human language in Firefox to create mashups, uses web services, do searchs, etc. But if you don't know that awesome extension yet, the following video will explain everything:

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