mardi, avril 16 2013

Migrer du PC au Mac, épisode 2

Encore du pense bête pour le développement iOS et la découverte de l'environnement Mac.

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mardi, avril 9 2013

Migrer du PC au Mac, épisode 1

A la fois par curiosité personnelle et par besoins professionnels, je me retrouve à migrer de l'environnement PC (principalement Windows, mais parfois GNU/Linux) à l'environnement Mac. Il y a quelques surprises (bonnes et mauvaises) et je voudrais en garder une trace et me faire un pense-bête.

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vendredi, octobre 26 2012

Optimisation de performances en Flash

Voilà un sympathique diaporama qui sera utile à ceux qui font des jeux en Flash: Lien originel: Flash performance tuning (EN) Page de l'auteur: Andy Hall

jeudi, décembre 3 2009

Unit tests with Boost.Test

I've just started using Boost.Test to get to know unit testing a bit better. I use it to try a Fixed Point number class that I made. For those who wonder what a fixed point number is, in short, it's a float in an integer. This is useful when your hardware doesn't have a FPU, like the Nintendo DS.  […]

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mercredi, novembre 25 2009


2D Meta Balls

Don't confuse this with meat balls, this has absolutely nothing to do with it! My friend Garry Williams posted this video on Youtube. These are meta-balls he computed in real time: Meta balls in 2D are quite simple. Take an image. Each of you meta balls emit a field, the closer you are from the  […]

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jeudi, septembre 3 2009

Update of the 'Share on reader' command for Ubiquity

I've finally updated that command that allows to share content on your Google Reader Shared Items page (providing you've got one!). The new version allows you to type the name without the hyphens (no more share-on-reader), you can also type share using reader, or note using reader, or note with  […]

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lundi, juin 22 2009

Bash Optimisation

Lately at work, I've been working on optimizing a bash script that was used to build the data of a game. Its role is to parse the game directory and for each file, match it with a building rule. If there's no rule for a file, well, then nothing happens. If there's a rule, then dates of the source  […]

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jeudi, janvier 8 2009

Ubiquity command: share-on-reader and share-on-reader-secure

The share-on-reader command is the first ubiquity command I've ever coded. I made it just to try ubiquity's command editor, but I wouldn't expect people to use it. It's basically a wrapper of Google Reader's bookmarklet that allows you to select (or not) text from a web page, and share it with a  […]

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Reminder: makeBookmarkletCommand

This is just a reminder: how to make a command out of a bookmarklet. For example, a command that embed a Flickr photo (the example is taken from Aza Raskin's blog). CmdUtils.makeBookmarkletCommand({ name: "Embed Flickr Photo", url:  […]

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mercredi, décembre 31 2008

Ubiquity: makeSearchCommand template

This is just a reminder of the search command template. It allows you to create in no time what must be the most used feature of Ubiquity at the moment. Use the command-editor command, and type the following code in the editor: CmdUtils.makeSearchCommand({ name: "your-function-name", url:  […]

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