dimanche, mars 1 2009

Resident Evil 5 demo


Recently I've tried the Resident Evil 5 (RE 5) demo. I'm a fan of the previous episodes. Not a HUGE fan, but I know the subject: I played to RE 1, 2, Code Veronica, Rebirth, 0, and RE 4. And I have to say that this 5th episode doesn't quite convince me... What I like in the games prior to the 4th  […]

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samedi, février 21 2009

Team Fortress 2 total immersion


A couple nights ago, I played a game of TF2. Our team lost the round. Whenever a round is over, the losing team loses their weapons and the winning team only fire critical shots. So losing players tend to run all over the place, waving their arms in the air and screaming for mercy, or they try to  […]

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mardi, décembre 30 2008

Breaking news: Huge sales at STEAM

Don't miss it (ends january 2nd): Portal at 4€ (ish) (if you get only one, get this one) Bioshock at 5€ Opposing Force and Blue Shift at 0.99€ each and many other big discounts  […]

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lundi, décembre 22 2008

The Loser-Team Syndrome

I played some Team Fortress 2 tonight. I'm not an excellent player, but I'm really not a bad one. And I kept losing tonight. It's so frustrating! I got the loser-team syndrome. Whatever you do, you get to be in the loser-team. With the kind of people that don't stick together. That pick any class  […]

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jeudi, décembre 18 2008

Steam to use local currency in Europe and UK

Steam is now pricing games in Europe and United kingdom using respectively euros and pounds. Another major change is that the VAT in now included in the price, and not hidden until you pay for your game. So I went on the Steam Store to check the new prices by myself. At first I was pretty mad to  […]

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samedi, décembre 13 2008

Making games casual to make them more hardcore

Just a thought like that: how much have you been playing lately? And to what type of game? I've been playing a lot of team fortress 2 this year and a bit of STALKER (Shadow of Tchernobyl). I've realized that every time I wanted to play Stalker, I wouldn't because the game is very involving. Not  […]

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dimanche, décembre 7 2008

Half Life community content

If you're a fan of the Half-Life series like me, you'll wanna read the excellent web comic Concerned by Christopher C. Livingston. It's the story of the journey of Gordon Frohman, former employee of Black Mesa and now simple citizen of City 17. This journey will lead him to the Citadel following  […]

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mercredi, novembre 19 2008

Buy Left 4 Dead for 37.5$


Left 4 Dead came out yesterday. And it's a great game! How could it fail? It has zombies (and not the kind of zombies you find in Resident Evil, no. More like those in 28 days later), great coop gameplay (we waited that for years!) , lightning fast engine, incredible animations, etc. I love it.  […]

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dimanche, novembre 2 2008

How would you rate a game?

We had that discussion during english class: how can you tell if a video game is good or not? Anyone would agree that a good game is a game people like, but it's actually quite difficult to find an objective way to evaluate a game. Some people have answers about that (see the "Crate Review System") but generally, it's about one's experience with the game. So we gathered some ideas about how we would review a game and decide whether the game is at least not a bad game.

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