Surprisingly, most of the game designers came up with rating systems, with graphics and sound technical level having a pretty important weight in the balance. I thought it was all about the gameplay! Many other proposed to rate the storyline or lifespan. But not all games have a story or an end. How would this apply to Picross for example? Other people proposed systems based on the violence and sex content of the game... In the end, almost every system appeared to be very subjective.

So I decided that i would rather go for a different approach. First, i wouldn't try to be objective about the game. Why bother? A review is generally written by only one person, with their preferences of genre, of IP, of platform, which will always have an influence on the final mark. Yet you can answer a few objective questions: considering the gameplay, are the graphics relevant? Is the sound design relevant? Does the gameplay bring anything new to the state-of-the-art? Are there any bugs that prevent you from playing the game? Do you need any accessories? Everything else will come down to whether you liked the game or not. To conclude, I wouldn't assign a mark, but pick an advice among three;

  • "yes you should absolutely get the game"
  • "you should get the game only if... (you're rich, you're bored, you have friends)"
  • "no, you certainly shouldn't get this game"