I played some Team Fortress 2 tonight. I'm not an excellent player, but I'm really not a bad one. And I kept losing tonight. It's so frustrating!

I got the loser-team syndrome. Whatever you do, you get to be in the loser-team. With the kind of people that don't stick together. That pick any class but the engineer or the medic. That won't help you even if they have nothing else to do. That won't listen to you when you use your mic for synchronization. That will just ignore people running with the flag and get killed a few meters further. You know they are bad, because you're pretty bad yourself that night. And you just joined the server, but yet you are the first one, from far, and everybody in the enemy team has 4 times your score.

The map changes. You get the loser-team.
New people come in, a few come out. You get the loser-team.
You change server. You get the loser-team.
You pick another server. You get the loser-team.

Whatever you'll do, tonight, you'll get the loser-team. ALWAYS. Shut it down. Go do something else. And come back tomorrow when the loser-teams are dead from their own stupidity.