The share-on-reader command is the first ubiquity command I've ever coded. I made it just to try ubiquity's command editor, but I wouldn't expect people to use it. It's basically a wrapper of Google Reader's bookmarklet that allows you to select (or not) text from a web page, and share it with a note on your Google Reader Shared Stuff Page (providing you've got a Google Account and activated Google Reader). It's that simple. You can subscribe to that command on that page. Here is the code:

  name: "share-on-reader",
  homepage: "",
  icon: "",
  author: { name: "Alexis Bauchu", email: ""},
  license: "MPL",
  description: "Shares content Google Reader's shared stuff page and allow you to add a note.",
  help: "This uses Google Reader, so you need a Google account to use this command.",
  takes: {"your selection": noun_arb_text},
  preview: function( pblock, selection ) {
    pblock.innerHTML = "Shares \"" + selection.html + "\" with Google Reader and allows to add a note";
  execute: function(selection) {
   var cmd = "var b=document.body;var GR________bookmarklet_domain='';if(b&&!document.xmlVersion){void(z=document.createElement('script'));void(z.src='');void(b.appendChild(z));}else{}";
   var doc = Application.activeWindow.activeTab.document;
   var body = doc.body;
   void (cript = doc.createElement('script'));
   void (code = doc.createTextNode(cmd));
   void (cript.appendChild(code));
   void (body.appendChild(cript));

The code is rather long, because at the time there wasn't any command like CmdUtils.makeBookmarkletCommant(). I could have updated it, but I like it like that. You know, it's my first one.

But this command doesn't work with the https version of Google Reader (I should say the bookmarklet doesn't work, because I virtually didn't code anything). Someone commented about it in this blog: he uses the customizegoogle extension which automatically redirects the normal url to the secured one (https). And it breaks the command. So I tried some stuff, and came with a solution: in fact, on the https version of the website, Google provides ANOTHER bookmarklet, working this time. Simple! You can subscribe here. Here's the code:

  name: "share-on-reader-secure",
  url: "javascript:var%20b=document.body;var%20GR________bookmarklet_domain='';if(b&&!document.xmlVersion){void(z=document.createElement('script'));void(z.src='');void(b.appendChild(z));}else{}"