I guess that software can smell when you're afraid of them. So they get nervous and do nasty stuff to you. I don't see any other explanation! I'm not in good terms with Perforce, and it knows it...

At work we had a bug, a big crash, and there was no way to find out what was wrong. It wasn't a problem in the game executable, so it had to be something with the data, but data change faster than the executable do. In order to locate the bug, I started to test older revisions of the whole data set. Re-synching, reconstructing, testing, getting a less old revision, re-test, and so on. I was resynching using the date and time. But noticed I would be able to go faster by resynching on changelists rather than dates. Boy was I wrong.

Don't try to get a specific changelist, EVER! Perforce started to delete the content of my workspace! And it goes pretty fast, believe me. By the time I noticed I was wrong, like 30 seconds, it had deleted so much, that resynching and reconstructing the lost data took about an hour. A 30 seconds error cost me an hour of work! And I still didn't know where the bug was!

Thank You for Nothing Perforce! I'll have you!