A while back I said that I'd talk about what I do during my internship at Wizarbox. It was in April, so it's been 5 months. Ok ok, I'm late, but when I post, I like to be REALLY sure! Seriously, if I haven't talked much about it, it's simply because there's not much I'm allowed to say. Game developers (and even more the publishers) like secrets.

What I'm allowed to say for the moment is that I'm scripter on Gray Matter, the new and greatly expected game by Jane Jensen. If you don't know her, she's the one behind the classical Point-and-click game series Gabriel Knight. I'm in charge of integrating the backgrounds of the scenes, the dialogs, but mainly to create the script of the game, which means the interactions with the world, between the characters, with your inventory, and to create the animated cut-scenes.

Here's the official trailer (in german) presented at Gamescom 2009: