This is big news: ModDB is launching a new service called Desura. Think distribution service (like Steam), except that it will also support mods and custom content and that it will be all community oriented. By community oriented, I mean that for each game / mod, community members can add their comments, reviews, screenshots, etc.

What appeals me the most in the project is the support of mods. Finding, installing and patching a mod is such a hassle, I was thinking of doing a Steam-like app just to support HL2 mods, but ModDB is doing it for just any game. Awesome.

Here's an extract from the FAQ:

Q: Is the idea that Desura will provide an easy way for people to automatically download/install mods for any game they own (possibly excepting games purchased through Steam and the like)? So essentially you just click "Gimmie that mod!" and it downloads, installs, and then patches?
A: Exactly like this

This could be really good! For the moment, the product is in private beta. More when it goes publically live.