mardi, février 18 2014

Game Developers: id Software

J'aime glaner des infos et des vidéos sur les développeurs de jeux. Un de mes favoris et une figure emblématique: id Software, créateurs des Doom(s), Wolfenstein(s), Rage, etc. Des pionniers en programmation graphique et les créateurs d'un genre: le FPS.

Notez que la plupart des documents que je vais linker ici sont en anglais.

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mardi, février 2 2010

Retour sur la Global Game Jam 2010, part 1

Global Game Jam Logo

Vous l'avez peut être suivi sur mon compte Twitter, le week-end dernier j'ai participé à la Global Game Jam à Paris. Il s'agit d'un événement mondial qui en est à sa deuxième itération. On pourrait traduire en français par "Session d'improvisation de jeu vidéo mondial". Ce qui veut pas  […]

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mardi, janvier 26 2010

World of Goo décortiqué

World of Goo Screen

Je vous ai déjà parlé de World of Goo dans un billet précédent, plutôt orienté économie, mais finalement je n'ai jamais parlé du jeu en lui même. World of Goo (WoG pour faire court) est un jeu de contruction / réfléxion sorti fin 2008 et développé par 2Dboy, un studio indépendant américain. Et par  […]

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mardi, novembre 24 2009

Unreal Development Kit

Epic released what they call the UDK. It's basically the Unreal Engine 3, for free! Here are the best news: You can create standalone applications with UDK. This means that users will be able to install and run your game without owning a copy of Unreal Tournament 3. Now go get it and make some  […]

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vendredi, novembre 20 2009

Google releases the Chromium OS open source project

This had to happen, Google has entered the OS business. Well, they're not in the Desktop OS business, their strategy is to win the market of the eBooks, those really small and cheap computers aiming at connectivity. The main idea behind this product (Chrome OS) is that people are 90% of their time  […]

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jeudi, septembre 3 2009

Update of the 'Share on reader' command for Ubiquity

I've finally updated that command that allows to share content on your Google Reader Shared Items page (providing you've got one!). The new version allows you to type the name without the hyphens (no more share-on-reader), you can also type share using reader, or note using reader, or note with  […]

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mardi, août 18 2009

The Quest for the Holy Tools

I like tools. I think it's what I want my job to be about: making better tools. Tools are what stands in between of people and their work, and the better the tools are, the better the work can be. Good tools make your life easier, thus making you happier, thus making you more efficient. So it's good to invest in tools: everybody needs them, they always need to be improved, and people are grateful to you for making them.

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lundi, août 10 2009

And Perforce failed me yet again...

I guess that software can smell when you're afraid of them. So they get nervous and do nasty stuff to you. I don't see any other explanation! I'm not in good terms with Perforce, and it knows it... At work we had a bug, a big crash, and there was no way to find out what was wrong. It wasn't a  […]

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jeudi, janvier 8 2009

Ubiquity command: share-on-reader and share-on-reader-secure

The share-on-reader command is the first ubiquity command I've ever coded. I made it just to try ubiquity's command editor, but I wouldn't expect people to use it. It's basically a wrapper of Google Reader's bookmarklet that allows you to select (or not) text from a web page, and share it with a  […]

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Reminder: makeBookmarkletCommand

This is just a reminder: how to make a command out of a bookmarklet. For example, a command that embed a Flickr photo (the example is taken from Aza Raskin's blog). CmdUtils.makeBookmarkletCommand({ name: "Embed Flickr Photo", url:  […]

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mercredi, décembre 31 2008

Ubiquity: makeSearchCommand template

This is just a reminder of the search command template. It allows you to create in no time what must be the most used feature of Ubiquity at the moment. Use the command-editor command, and type the following code in the editor: CmdUtils.makeSearchCommand({ name: "your-function-name", url:  […]

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jeudi, novembre 27 2008

It happens more often that you may think...

No Conflict

As I arrived at school this morning, I synced my computer with Perforce. I know there would be conflicts, but in like 3 or 4 files. It appeared that a dozen files had conflicts. There were files I didn't even touch, so it was easy to 'revert' my 'non-modifications' so Perforce feels ok, or to tell  […]

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