mardi, février 25 2014

The Last of Us: la différence entre une histoire et un jeu

Ce type est complètement dans le vrai et illustre parfaitement mon opinion sur la place de la narration dans les jeux vidéo: (regardez juste la minute durant laquelle ce gars parle)

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mardi, février 18 2014

Game Developers: id Software

J'aime glaner des infos et des vidéos sur les développeurs de jeux. Un de mes favoris et une figure emblématique: id Software, créateurs des Doom(s), Wolfenstein(s), Rage, etc. Des pionniers en programmation graphique et les créateurs d'un genre: le FPS.

Notez que la plupart des documents que je vais linker ici sont en anglais.

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mardi, février 2 2010

Retour sur la Global Game Jam 2010, part 1

Global Game Jam Logo

Vous l'avez peut être suivi sur mon compte Twitter, le week-end dernier j'ai participé à la Global Game Jam à Paris. Il s'agit d'un événement mondial qui en est à sa deuxième itération. On pourrait traduire en français par "Session d'improvisation de jeu vidéo mondial". Ce qui veut pas  […]

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mardi, janvier 26 2010

World of Goo décortiqué

World of Goo Screen

Je vous ai déjà parlé de World of Goo dans un billet précédent, plutôt orienté économie, mais finalement je n'ai jamais parlé du jeu en lui même. World of Goo (WoG pour faire court) est un jeu de contruction / réfléxion sorti fin 2008 et développé par 2Dboy, un studio indépendant américain. Et par  […]

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mardi, novembre 24 2009

Unreal Development Kit

Epic released what they call the UDK. It's basically the Unreal Engine 3, for free! Here are the best news: You can create standalone applications with UDK. This means that users will be able to install and run your game without owning a copy of Unreal Tournament 3. Now go get it and make some  […]

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mercredi, novembre 4 2009

World of Goo and myths about games on Linux

World Of Goo Sales - Market Shares per OS

I'd like to share with you some stats that 2D Boy published after the big sales they had for the 1 year birthday of World Of Goo (WoG for short). The point was that you had the choice in the price of the game, from 0.01$ to whatever you want. 2DBoy released the results of the first week of that  […]

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vendredi, septembre 25 2009

Incoming! New TF2 update!

The TF2 team at Valve posted a curious message on their blog today. I think they are teasing us in the funniest way about the next update, which could more than probably be the engineer's: a Cannon-appended canine unit? Wait Wait Wait... So there will be "pets" in TF2?? EDIT: In fact I've  […]

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mercredi, septembre 2 2009

Working on Gray Matter

A while back I said that I'd talk about what I do during my internship at Wizarbox. It was in April, so it's been 5 months. Ok ok, I'm late, but when I post, I like to be REALLY sure! Seriously, if I haven't talked much about it, it's simply because there's not much I'm allowed to say. Game  […]

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mercredi, août 5 2009

Braid's creator Jonathan Blow to announce his next game

Jonathan Blow revealed a bit more about his next game. And when I say a bit, it's a really little bit. Check-it out (you need only 12 seconds): The Witness Pretty cool huh? Well that's really not much, but if this is as great as braid was, well, this is gonna be a master piece (don't be fooled by  […]

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dimanche, mars 1 2009

Resident Evil 5 demo


Recently I've tried the Resident Evil 5 (RE 5) demo. I'm a fan of the previous episodes. Not a HUGE fan, but I know the subject: I played to RE 1, 2, Code Veronica, Rebirth, 0, and RE 4. And I have to say that this 5th episode doesn't quite convince me... What I like in the games prior to the 4th  […]

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samedi, février 21 2009

Team Fortress 2 total immersion


A couple nights ago, I played a game of TF2. Our team lost the round. Whenever a round is over, the losing team loses their weapons and the winning team only fire critical shots. So losing players tend to run all over the place, waving their arms in the air and screaming for mercy, or they try to  […]

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samedi, décembre 13 2008

Making games casual to make them more hardcore

Just a thought like that: how much have you been playing lately? And to what type of game? I've been playing a lot of team fortress 2 this year and a bit of STALKER (Shadow of Tchernobyl). I've realized that every time I wanted to play Stalker, I wouldn't because the game is very involving. Not  […]

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dimanche, décembre 7 2008

Half Life community content

If you're a fan of the Half-Life series like me, you'll wanna read the excellent web comic Concerned by Christopher C. Livingston. It's the story of the journey of Gordon Frohman, former employee of Black Mesa and now simple citizen of City 17. This journey will lead him to the Citadel following  […]

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mercredi, novembre 19 2008

Buy Left 4 Dead for 37.5$


Left 4 Dead came out yesterday. And it's a great game! How could it fail? It has zombies (and not the kind of zombies you find in Resident Evil, no. More like those in 28 days later), great coop gameplay (we waited that for years!) , lightning fast engine, incredible animations, etc. I love it.  […]

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dimanche, novembre 2 2008

How would you rate a game?

We had that discussion during english class: how can you tell if a video game is good or not? Anyone would agree that a good game is a game people like, but it's actually quite difficult to find an objective way to evaluate a game. Some people have answers about that (see the "Crate Review System") but generally, it's about one's experience with the game. So we gathered some ideas about how we would review a game and decide whether the game is at least not a bad game.

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