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lundi, août 10 2009

And Perforce failed me yet again...

I guess that software can smell when you're afraid of them. So they get nervous and do nasty stuff to you. I don't see any other explanation! I'm not in good terms with Perforce, and it knows it... At work we had a bug, a big crash, and there was no way to find out what was wrong. It wasn't a  […]

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jeudi, novembre 27 2008

It happens more often that you may think...

No Conflict

As I arrived at school this morning, I synced my computer with Perforce. I know there would be conflicts, but in like 3 or 4 files. It appeared that a dozen files had conflicts. There were files I didn't even touch, so it was easy to 'revert' my 'non-modifications' so Perforce feels ok, or to tell  […]

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