lundi, novembre 30 2009

Still very good sales on Steam

Yep, still good sales there. Mirror's Edge at 3.74€ Monkey Island Special Edition at 2.24€ The Chronicles of Riddick, Assault on Dark Arena at 9.99€ I recommend Mirror's Edge if you've never played it.  […]

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jeudi, novembre 26 2009

Steam Season Sales

The season sales started on Steam. It the right occasion to get some good games at a cheap price for example, today, Grid is at 5€. The offers change every day, so check it regularily. Steam Early Sales Page.  […]

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lundi, novembre 16 2009

GMod Contest

Garry Newman, father of Garrysmod, started a gamemode contest. The idea is that he wants to introduce Fretta (see "What is Fretta?" in my link above) with a few good gamemodes in the bundle. So the gamemode can be anything and the 5 best gamemodes get 1000$, they get to be shipped with  […]

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mardi, décembre 30 2008

Breaking news: Huge sales at STEAM

Don't miss it (ends january 2nd): Portal at 4€ (ish) (if you get only one, get this one) Bioshock at 5€ Opposing Force and Blue Shift at 0.99€ each and many other big discounts  […]

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jeudi, décembre 18 2008

Steam to use local currency in Europe and UK

Steam is now pricing games in Europe and United kingdom using respectively euros and pounds. Another major change is that the VAT in now included in the price, and not hidden until you pay for your game. So I went on the Steam Store to check the new prices by myself. At first I was pretty mad to  […]

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