vendredi, juin 11 2010

Team Fortress 2 à -50% + sortie sur le Mac

Ca serait juste con de passer à côté: TF2 à 10€. C'est vraiment un super bon jeu, j'y joue encore (enfin les jours où j'ai un PC...) Et j'adore la communication de l'équipe de TF2. Vous pouvez voir tout ce que comporte cette mise à jour "Mac" ici : Mac Update (allez au moins voir la  […]

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jeudi, décembre 17 2009

War has been declared! (in TF2)

TF2 Soldier Vs Demoman War

War is raging there. And also, TF2 will be available for free the time of a weekend this very weekend, just as the soldier vs demo update is released. I highly recommend that you try it (you can preload the game there).  […]

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vendredi, septembre 25 2009

Incoming! New TF2 update!

The TF2 team at Valve posted a curious message on their blog today. I think they are teasing us in the funniest way about the next update, which could more than probably be the engineer's: a Cannon-appended canine unit? Wait Wait Wait... So there will be "pets" in TF2?? EDIT: In fact I've  […]

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samedi, février 21 2009

Team Fortress 2 total immersion


A couple nights ago, I played a game of TF2. Our team lost the round. Whenever a round is over, the losing team loses their weapons and the winning team only fire critical shots. So losing players tend to run all over the place, waving their arms in the air and screaming for mercy, or they try to  […]

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lundi, décembre 22 2008

The Loser-Team Syndrome

I played some Team Fortress 2 tonight. I'm not an excellent player, but I'm really not a bad one. And I kept losing tonight. It's so frustrating! I got the loser-team syndrome. Whatever you do, you get to be in the loser-team. With the kind of people that don't stick together. That pick any class  […]

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