samedi, septembre 26 2009

No Sound in Jaunty (Ubuntu 9.04) with nForce 2


I had some problems with the sound after installing Jaunty on my old computer. I followed a lot of instructions from bugs reports, from forums, and nothing worked. I could have sound in Totem with the OSS mixer, but not Alsa. The rest was not working: Firefox, Flash, VLC, none of them deliverd any  […]

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Booting my old computer (Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD, I love you!)


I'm stuck at my parents with the flu right now. So I don't have nothing to do all day but to repair my old computer here. When I moved to Paris I took everything with me: cables, peripherals, CDs, speakers, everything. So there's not much here. Yet I HAVE to make that computer work because I still  […]

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