vendredi, novembre 20 2009

Google releases the Chromium OS open source project

This had to happen, Google has entered the OS business. Well, they're not in the Desktop OS business, their strategy is to win the market of the eBooks, those really small and cheap computers aiming at connectivity. The main idea behind this product (Chrome OS) is that people are 90% of their time  […]

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lundi, juin 29 2009

Google surfs on the Wave

Checkout the incredible Google Wave project. This is gonna change everything. If you don't wanna go through the whole video, go visit the Google Wave Preview Page. I'm really putting a lot of hopes in this, since I think Wave is a solution to so many issues with today's communication tools. You  […]

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jeudi, janvier 8 2009

Ubiquity command: share-on-reader and share-on-reader-secure

The share-on-reader command is the first ubiquity command I've ever coded. I made it just to try ubiquity's command editor, but I wouldn't expect people to use it. It's basically a wrapper of Google Reader's bookmarklet that allows you to select (or not) text from a web page, and share it with a  […]

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Reminder: makeBookmarkletCommand

This is just a reminder: how to make a command out of a bookmarklet. For example, a command that embed a Flickr photo (the example is taken from Aza Raskin's blog). CmdUtils.makeBookmarkletCommand({ name: "Embed Flickr Photo", url:  […]

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mercredi, décembre 31 2008

Ubiquity: makeSearchCommand template

This is just a reminder of the search command template. It allows you to create in no time what must be the most used feature of Ubiquity at the moment. Use the command-editor command, and type the following code in the editor: CmdUtils.makeSearchCommand({ name: "your-function-name", url:  […]

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Ubiquity for Firefox

Ubiquity offers a preview of the results

Ubiquity is a prototype extension for Firefox developed by guys of the Mozilla labs. It proposes to use a command line using human language in Firefox to create mashups, uses web services, do searchs, etc. But if you don't know that awesome extension yet, the following video will explain everything:

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dimanche, décembre 28 2008

Handling 'mailto' urls and attachments with Gmail from the desktop

Just so you know: you cannot make Gmail handle your attachments from the desktop. That's not possible. Why am I writing about this? Because I spent quite some time looking for an answer about this problem, and people in the forums weren't sure if it was even possible or not. Finally, in a Google  […]

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