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vendredi, décembre 14 2012

Polices de charactères OTF qui ne fonctionnent pas

Si vous avez subi des problèmes soudains d'affichage (mauvaise police ou pas d'affichage) ces derniers temps avec des fontes provenant de fichiers .otf, ne cherchez plus, c'est Microsoft qui a introduit le bug dans un de ces patchs récent pour Windows. C'est très classe... Pour régler le problème:  […]

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mercredi, novembre 4 2009

World of Goo and myths about games on Linux

World Of Goo Sales - Market Shares per OS

I'd like to share with you some stats that 2D Boy published after the big sales they had for the 1 year birthday of World Of Goo (WoG for short). The point was that you had the choice in the price of the game, from 0.01$ to whatever you want. 2DBoy released the results of the first week of that  […]

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vendredi, juin 26 2009

Breaking News

Today, for the first time, I HAD to reboot my computer just a few minutes after I switched it on, because I couldn't Copy/Paste anymore! The police says they have no clue about why this happened. Case closed. Edit: it seems that the problem could come Taekwindow which is a bit buggy. Feww. I was  […]

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dimanche, décembre 21 2008

Even Bill Gates finds Windows annoying

I discovered this article when I was blog surfing: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant. You can read a email Bill Gates wrote to his employees to complain about usability issues. The email is pretty old now (in computer time), but I'm not sure things improved that much since then... Best bits: So they  […]

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